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Save yourself the worry of an air conditioner outage with an inspection.

You can appreciate the value of an air conditioning inspection if you’ve ever had your air conditioner break down in the thick of an Ocala, Florida summer. It may warn you of potential issues, point out fast remedies, and offer confidence that your cooling system won’t break down when it counts.

Air Conditioning Inspection in Ocala, Florida

At SOS Refrigeration & HVAC LLC, we know how essential a functional HVAC system is. To ensure the best performance of your system, we recommend getting an air conditioning inspection.

Our technicians will look at the unit to ensure your air conditioner is in good condition. We can spot possible issues and perform any needed repairs. First, our technician will visually examine the air conditioner to look for any symptoms of damage or deterioration. We will report any leaks, clogs, or debris that we locate inside the unit. During the air conditioning inspection, our technicians will examine electrical connections, wiring, and other air conditioner parts to ensure they are secure and safe to use. We will also clean the condenser coil, which will improve the air conditioner’s efficiency.

It’s crucial to have your air conditioner tested regularly to keep it operating efficiently and prevent costly, unexpected repairs. Together, we will create a maintenance schedule that suits your needs. Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool because our weather is warm and humid most of the year.

Regarding inspection and upkeep of air conditioners, we aim to be the best in the business. Our crew is devoted to keeping your air conditioner in excellent condition. If you’re interested in scheduling an air conditioning inspection or finding out more about our maintenance services, contact us.

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