3 Facts to Know About Ice Machines

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Ice machines are used in all kinds of industries. Restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs need them to serve drinks, and the hotel industry relies heavily on them, too. If you are in a business that requires the use of ice machines, there are a few things you should know to ensure they last as long as possible.

3 Facts to Know About Ice Machines

Below, we’ll cover three important maintenance tips and facts to help you keep your ice machines running smoothly.

  • Leasing ice machines can be cost-effective. Many business owners buy their own ice machines because they don’t know that leasing them can be the better option. Ice machines can be very expensive upfront, they need to be cleaned every six months, and you may have to pay for repairs as well. When you lease an ice machine, you just pay a monthly flat rate, which is more cost-effective than buying your own.
  • Only store ice in ice machines. Ice machines are designed to make ice for consumption, not keeping other items cold. They are not freezers or a place where you can store other food. Ice in ice machines is considered food by the FDA, so it’s important to avoid contaminating the ice.
  • Proper ventilation matters. Where you place an ice machine and the air flow affect the machine’s lifespan. Ice machines should be placed in well-ventilated areas so that the condenser receives the proper air flow. It’s also important to clean air filters to prevent dust and other particles from accumulating.

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