HVAC Inspections 101

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Charged with ensuring the comfort and well-being of you and your loved ones, your home’s HVAC system is one of its most vital pieces. You rely on this system’s climate regulation technologies to manage your home’s temperature, humidity, and air purity. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the basics that you’ll want to know about getting an HVAC inspection.

HVAC Inspections 101

What is an HVAC inspection?

During the inspection, our technician will examine several components of your HVAC system to determine their condition and whether they operate properly. We will be looking to make sure each piece of equipment is safe, hygienic, and functional.

When should I schedule an HVAC inspection?

It’s a good idea to plan for an HVAC inspection once or twice annually; many do this during the spring and fall months. If you notice concerns like inconsistent temperatures, unusual smells or sounds, or the unit frequently cycling on and off, you may want to schedule an additional inspection to address any necessary maintenance or repairs.

How should I prepare for an HVAC inspection?

The inspection will include an examination of several different parts of your HVAC system, including the electrical connections, condenser coil, thermostat, and furnace. By ensuring that our technicians have access to these areas of your home, you can help them complete the job quickly and easily.

It’s also advisable to note and communicate to our technicians any recent maintenance or repairs your system has received and any points of concern like increased energy bills, temperature fluctuations, heightened allergies, or unusual smells or sounds. Contact us today to schedule your HVAC inspection in the Ocala, Florida area.